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    As a proud representative of world leaders in food technology, Feyzi A.S has been at the service of its clients with its red and white meat abattoirs, further processing, meat processing, potato processing, fish processing, slaughterhouses, dairy processing, producing ready meals, packaging of all types of products for over half a century. Our company, which started out as a representing concern that supplied machinery and equipment has extended its services, in keeping with the market conditions, to include the supply of second-hand, auxiliary and process materials; the installation and training, spare parts, maintenance and repair regarding machinery it has helped to acquire; as well as project design and consulting, with a staff of over 50 people.

    Feyzi A.S supports manufacturers who follow the ever-changing demands of the market to seek for innovations in their products in order to meet consumers' demands.

    To be able to make the most of these services so that you may correctly chart out the course of your investment, do consult us before you make any decisions!

  • OUR VALUES Open or Close


    We are acting responsibly for the benefits of our customers.

    Initiative & Stability

    We are initiative and taking the entrepreneur responsibilities which can be a guide for our sectors , we are always standing behind of our decisions with high stabile attitude which will serve our customers benefits.

    Clearness & Honesty

    We are clear and honest in every platform . We always keep in touch with our customers in terms of trust.

    Fair behaviour

    We are working with our business partners in a fair manner and we believe that this issue is the key point of our success.

    Reliability & Persuasiveness & Being accordance with laws

    We only guarentee the points that we can succeed, we see our promises as our missions . We are always working in accordance with the laws.


    The main point of our mission is being the leader of our business in terms of ideas, application and technology

    Innovation is the most important issue which creates our differentation and success and ensures our continuous development,


    We appreciate our customers, inspire from their ideas, believe to succeed together.

    Being a family

    We believe that human makes difference.

    We make difference in our business with our passionate , talented , visionary team who is related to their job.

    Our peaceful and joyful working environment increases loyalty to our job.

    Being customer-oriented

    We provide maximum customer satisfaction by meeting our customer expactations and demands accurately.

    Participant Management Mentality

    We are always developing by having management mentality in which maximum people participate in making decision mechanisms with keeping the relations with our team members in respect and open communication.

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    As one of the first representative companies in Turkey, we are serving to our customers for sixty years.

    We have two main business areas such as;

    1. The representative of process (production) machines for printing & packaging industry
    2. The representative of process (production) machines for food industy

    We are proudly able to state that we are representing the biggest machine & equipment brands in the world for producing different kinds of food especially poultry,red meat and further processing...

    All these brands, like in all over the world , also have considerable market share in Turkey.

    In historical sense, our main specialty is contributing the development of the sectors by the newest technology & knowledge which we serve for many years.

    Therefore, we are not only a representative sales company but also specialized with our after sales services concerning consulting services and technical assistance.

  • OUR GOALS Open or Close
    • To add value to economy of Turkey by selling our process machines which guides the food production all over the world with appropriate way and time.
    • To meet the expectations of our customers and serving them as fast and beneficial as possible.
    • To maintain the stability in our business areas by our machine and equipment which are produced with the best innovative solutions and quality.